Will diamonds go up in value?

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Diamonds can be profitable to you as an investor as they do increase in value over time, they are known as the most reliable investment opportunity, this is because diamonds have increased in value since their first discovery thousands of years ago. However, they don’t offer short-term results meaning you must be realistic when purchasing a diamond and not expect that you will profit from it within the first five years. Therefore, if you needed to sell early, expect to get a lot less than what you spent on it when you first brought it. 

Therefore, you must evaluate all options and make sure this is the right way of investing for you and that you can afford for your money to be locked up for a while as prices of diamonds fluctuate from time to time. 

To conclude, we would recommend purchasing something that you love – meaning that you will enjoy wearing it and won’t be disappointed that it hasn’t earned you as much as you hoped in the future. As well as that, here are our top tips when thinking to invest in a diamond: 

  • Aim to buy low and sell high.
  • Give yourself a time reference, which means think about when you want to sell it and how. 
  • Buy a certified diamond in the popular shape of the year. 
  • Buy at the lowest price you can. At IDRC Lab we are a diamond wholesale therefore, we offer very competitive prices compared to the shops. 

 If you are thinking to invest in diamonds, feel free to email us and we will be happy to offer our advice.













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