Why Are Diamond Certificates Important?

Getting a diamond for yourself or for your partner is one of the most important purchases of your life. There fore it is strongly advised to ensure your diamond comes with an authentic certificate. There are many companies out there that offer the service.

Diamond certificates are usually graded upon the ‘4 C’s’ attributes. This means, every diamond certificate contains information about the http://jamiehale.co.uk/taking-unisom-3rd-trimester cut of the diamond, nowise clarity of the diamond, buy gabapentin reddit color of the diamond along with the how to buy modafinil australia carat weight of the diamond. These 4 attributes are rated accordingly in your diamond certificates and are considered very important in the cases of diamonds as they provide base work for the diamond, it’s type and it’s price as well. Your diamond certificate will also have a few additional comments as well regarding your diamond; like, the diamond’s symmetry, polish, and even it’s fluorescence! Every owner of a diamond should be aware about all of this information about his or her diamond.

To make sure you get the highest and the best quality of a diamond, buyers should make sure they opt for a certified diamond rather than a normal one, incase they have an option between both of them. All certified diamonds have a diamond certificate with them already made. A diamond certificate describes in great detail about the little specifications of a certain diamond.

There are two basic reasons for our trust in these certified diamonds; a third party, which verifies the quality of the diamond in hand, always gives the certificate. This means the certificate can not be biased or untrustworthy in any case, as the third party has no interest in whatever the deal is going on. The second very important reason for this is that the verification is done only by the best gemologists around the world, who know the very in’s and out’s of diamonds in great detail, so one can completely and utterly trust the certifications made by these third party diamond certifiers.

The most reliable grading labs throughout the entire world provide a diamond certificate. These organizations are almost always engaged in scientific research related to different topics and problems areas. It is the diamond vendors that then pay these grading labs to make certificates for their diamonds so they can sell their diamonds. And when sometimes the diamonds vendors don’t provide certified diamonds, the individuals can opt for getting their diamonds certified themselves by paying the grading labs. It all depends on the situation and the client’s demands and perspectives.

There are some very well known laboratories that carry out diamond certifications like;

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • International Gemological Institute

Of all these and many other laboratories for diamond certification, the most important ones are the Gemological Institute of America, more commonly known as GIA. This laboratory is one of the most advanced, accurate and trusted certificate brands worldwide.

Operating independently of their suppliers or retailers, these laboratories provide very unbiased opinions and reports of the diamonds that are in question. These are graduate and professional gemologists that use high-powered microscopes and other very sensitive instruments to deeply study and analyze your diamond to measure the inclusions, blemishes, polish, symmetry and even the color of your diamond! There are several gemologists who take their proper time at it and then finally assign grades to it, which are completely accurate, consistent and reliable, evaluate each diamond. One can be very convinced that they are the best at what they do!

Then later, based on these findings the laboratories then issue a written report that comes along with the diamond that you decide to purchase. Some diamonds can even be enhanced at these laboratories heat, lasers, pressures or other methods to improve the color and clarity of the diamond. However, this process needs to be mentioned on the report and the person buying the diamond needs to be informed of it as well.

Buying diamonds that are certified also means that the diamond is an ‘Ethical Diamond’. If you’re aware of the term ‘Blood Diamonds’ then you might already know what I’m trying to explain here. Ethical diamonds basically mean that the diamonds’ extraction and its earnings are pure of any criminal activities, child labor, and terrorist activities among other unethical practices. Buying uncertified diamonds, one would have no idea where or how it came around, whether the background was an ethical one or not, and whether you paying for it would be adding to the problem of the worldwide terrorism. The concept of blood diamonds has decreased quite a lot in the modern day but it is always better to take precaution.

The two most important reasons to get a certified diamond are; it proves that the diamond you have at hand is completely natural and is not at all lab-created and if it is lab created it will be stated. The second reason diamond certificates are extremely important is that given a clear picture of the quality of the diamond you have. Whether it’s of good quality or whether it needs more work on it, everything can be determined by a single report.

We here at Independent Diamond Report Centre (IDRC) always provide our customers with certified diamonds that are 100% genuine and according to your liking. Other than that, if you wish to have your diamonds certified, we are here for that as well! We offer a detailed report for your diamonds using the state of the art instruments so that you can be at ease about your diamond and its credibility. We charge a very nominal price for it and deliver the report to you in just several days.

Please feel free to contact us, our whole team is here to serve, and help you!

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