We use a variety of diamond grading tools, some of them are described below:
1. Daylight lamp – giving the effect of natural daylight, this helps us know the ideal for diamond and gemstone colour grading
2. Acid liquid for testing gold
3. Spectroscope grading equipment – to determine the stress and strain of the diamond
4. Ultraviolet light – to determine the fluorescence of the diamond
5. Heavy liquids – for cleaning of the diamonds
6. Hearts and arrows viewer – to see hearts or arrows patterns in the diamond
7. Diamond tester – to distinguish diamonds from all other minerals
8. Leverage gauge – to measure gemstones. The size of a diamond is measured in millimetres with an accuracy of one hundredth
9. Magnifying eye glass – to inspect a diamond in more detail
10. Diamond scales – to weigh gemstones. The mass of a diamond is measured in carats
11. Diamond scanning machine with software – The Scanox Marker has an advanced Micro Laser marking unit for visible and extremely accurate laser line. This system offers marking options for all facets for sawing, polishing and best planning feature software for achieving the optimal yield from the stone
12. Diamond colour paper – for diamond colour grading
13. Diamond tweezers – great for holding gemstones and diamonds securely