Grading Methods

How we grade a gemstone

Here at IDRC, we handle the process of grading with great care and attention to detail. Each diamond or piece of jewellery that we handle is individually studied and acknowledged by our gemologists who, with their expertise will asses and grade according to international grading standards. Our gemologists will ensure that your jewellery is given the attention required to give an accurate and true grade.

Diamond Cut

1. Clean the diamond with a heavy liquid
2. Weigh the diamond on a scale for its true weight
3. Check the clarity of a diamond with the use of a magnifying eye glass
4. Place the diamond into a state-of-the art grading machine which analyses and scans the gemstone from all angles to give accurate measurements
5. Recheck the measurements with a leverage gauge for more precise and detailed results
6. Test the diamond with an electrical diamond tester
7. Check the colour of a diamond using diamond colour paper against sample stones
8.Check the diamonds fluorescence with an ultra violet light

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