Diamond Reports

Diamond Grading Reports

At IDRC we keep a databank of all the reports produced. An IDRC report represents the impartial opinion of unbiased professionals.

All diamonds are unique and individual, created by nature, polished by humans. The IDRC produces quality reports for loose, polished diamonds, describing the unique measurable features of a diamond according to international standards, focused on the “4 C’s” Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

Stones are examined by a minimum of 2 diamond graders. Our experience, combined with modern technology ensure we offer the highest level of expertise in our practice.

The Diamond Report

Offering a complete, comprehensive & technical guide to your diamond including: Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight, Diameter, Depth, Crown Angle and Height, Pavilion Angle and Height, Culet Size, Culet off centre, Table size, Table off centre, Star Lower and Upper Girdle & Fluorescence. These reports also contain illustrations of the diamond’s actual proportions and mapped out markings included with the expanded proportion data. IDRC reports are clear and understandable.

Verbal Grading Reports

Expert pre-grading verbal opinions available from qualified professionals.


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